Al-Safran Air Base

Liwa AB is located in United Arab Emirates
Liwa AB
Liwa AB
Location in the United Arab Emirates
Direction 22 Length Surface
ft m
13/31 12,040 3,670 Paved

The Al-Safran Air Base (ICAO: OMLW,[1] alternatively called Liwa[2]) is a military air base operated by the United Arab Emirates Air Force, located approximately 80 miles southwest of Abu Dhabi, near Madinat Zayed.[3][4]


Construction of the base cost an estimated $1 billion.[3] Construction was carried out by Capriole Construction Co. LLC.[5] A Mirage 2000 squadron was moved to the base in 2007, and it was completed in approximately 2008.[3][6] The base underwent an expansion of its airport apron in 2017, the same year it added six new aircraft shelters.[7]


The base has one runway, hardened aircraft shelters, and a subterranean ammunition dump.[3] The bases houses two ground control stations.[7] The base is defended by the Super aEgis II sentry gun.[8]


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